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moon as eye in birdhead cloud with exorbitant star

                                                           moon & star scratched 1.3.9 grayscale


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i’m getting used to getting used to —

never getting uesd to —

everflight —

butterflying stomach — stomach, lead the way!

o never getting to get used to —

o never getting used to never getting used to —

everinvasion of getting

getting into

(& getting)

used to’s to’ing —

too too too too too too too too

too too too too too too too too too too too too

too tootoo tootoo tootootoo too too too used to.

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the light farms

<the light farms>


<<a mirror from the moons eye swoon, in nightflight : a boeing sevenfifty owl>>


day, night-gleaming, glimming, knowing little of what they offer,

what they are taken for, granted, as a sign to a stranger, a flaneur,

to an airly nocturnal hand they are as growing goldlit wheatfields,

as cornrows over the pate of the earth,

                                                       does corn know of its often harvest ?

god knows they store the sun to feed the stars

what their steel spends along the flint of the night :

                                                                        their theyre,

there-brinking, blinking eyelet 1ing 1s,

ever profligate stalks the prism-eyed see bloom the




                                                                                        & dewy-eyed see

branching everunto, for what that theyre worth,

the psychedelic, the desperate, the schizos & gurus too

see what hovers over a species radiant incityousnests—


with thankfulness, scythe, & slavering maw







Comments & edits greatly (appreciated)


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guy gets such a

guy gets such a

whopping big idea in

the pinch of a crux in a

mob of swilling confusion he kyah

k o fistpump punches straight out

to the & strong true right

back up smack squat

in the cleft of his

squeaky shaved

glory bright


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