This is an experience. Don’t squander it by reading anything else.

(wondering how to draw something? just ask us and we’ll try to get around to posting instructions)


7 responses to “About

  1. samantha chertoff

    miss ya much, you kids.

  2. Alex Walbridge

    I am listed as a contributer on this site. COuld you tell me how I may contribute. “I would like to Buke so that I may have occassion to Re-Buke!!!!” As lord Olvier of Foulton once proclaimed.

    So How do opporate this blog and add my pics,vids, essays to it?

    Ambien is making me dizzy

  3. Libby

    What is this place, this experience?
    I like what I see, but I’m not sure what it is, eXactly.
    Are there lots of contributors or one person with a really stretched=out brain? (Saussure, Kiki Smith AND resin rap?!) I’d like to know. Thanks.

  4. bibomedia


  5. its a group of different people

  6. T

    How to draw an owl?

  7. I am wondering if it is okay to post on my blog your green helicopter drawing, with credit and link of course.
    thanks ahead,

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