Nerds Rope Unleashed!

While the non-possessive name Nerds Rope is somewhat unfortunate, this candy bridges the chewy-crunchy divide like no other, with the notable exception of Haribo’s gummy raspberries. The tropical (yellow) flavor doesn’t pack the same sour punch as the original (purple), but the tropical does come in a pleasing Ecto Slimer Hi-C green. Any candy where 98% of the ingredients are sugar, dextrose and corn syrup tells the consumer that the candy company, specifically Wonka, a subsidiary of Nestle Co., doesn’t mess around.



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2 responses to “Nerds Rope Unleashed!

  1. I think you are missing the point here mister. Nerds can do lots of things, among these things, Nerds are capable of roping. I.E. Nerds Rope

  2. or perhaps you prefer a rope of nerds, a la Nerds Rope, here the pl. noun, Nerds, is serving as an adjectival noun, Duh

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