Hey Kids, Check Out Millsberry.com!


After working myself into a frenzy gobbling three Watermelon Blast Gushers at once, I discovered the Special Blue Chill Pieces connected together at the bottom of the package. With senses regained, I mulled over my love of Gushers. Though disgusting, they are sickeningly sweet, and contain artificial sap that is strangely delicious. Gushers also informed me that “In A CoOlEr WoRlD: Blue Chill Gushers pieces would turn you into the coolest kid in school,” and “Summer vacation would last 9 months.” While I could debate Gushers on calendar semantics, I won’t because the Gushers Gazette provides insight into delicious excess, unhindered by reality.



Filed under Gummi Snacks, The Candy Review

3 responses to “Hey Kids, Check Out Millsberry.com!

  1. I heard the first thing Manuel Norriega is buying when he gets out of prison is Gushers.

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  3. i mean itsaponyparty.com

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