grapes from concentrate, sugar, maltodextrin

With the newly indroduced “Fruit by the Foot Dynamic Duo Feets,” Fruit by the Foot enlightens and educates the candy-eating public of “amazing feets [that] are twice as impressive since they were accomplished by the world’s most daring duos.” One amazing “feet” claims that two men managed “to circle the globe by car in just 69 days. Bet their behinds were numb when they were done!” Another inspiring feet boasted of brothers who “cranked up their 2-man submarine to 7.5 mph!”

While I don’t like to rate candy, especially gummi snacks, I must say I am unimpressed by  Fruit by the Foot. They fact the’ve geared they’re whole marketting campaign towards the fact that the nearly yard-long candy is now perforated seems silly. Especially when most children are so familiar with candy and the way that they consume their high fructose corn syrup that they will certainly wise up to this stupid candy with its made-up facts.



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2 responses to “grapes from concentrate, sugar, maltodextrin

  1. Minus 10 points for any candy that gives us “behind numbing” facts. The copywriters for Fruit by the Foot sound like a bunch of Mark Foleys.

  2. Adam

    that rolled up gum there looks like something
    i don’t know what

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